Amber Flag

The Amber Flag is a Well-being Initiative. Its aim is to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well-being. In St. Laurence’s, we place a huge emphasis on well-being and we want to celebrate this by flying the Amber flag at the front of our school. This will enable us to raise everyone’s awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health, especially our students and that they feel more comfortable seeking help and advice should they experience any difficulties. Indeed, our main aim is to give them the knowledge how to safe-guard their mental health.

Our wish is encapsulated nicely in an N.C.C.A Junior Cycle teaching of Well-being quote, ‘Student wellbeing is present when students realise their abilities, take care of their physical wellbeing, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and have a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community’.

Amber Flag Initiatives

Gratitude Stars

Our first initiative this school year (2021-22) to enhance pupil well-being was, ‘Our Christmas Gratitude Stars’. Being grateful makes us appreciate what we have and boosts are feeling of happiness. The corridors looked lovely and cheerful as we filled them with gratitude stars for Ms. Mooney, the Principal who was retiring. Here are some decorative pictures.

Kindness Week

Our second initiative was ‘Kindness Week,’ in February which commenced on Valentine’s day. The children were encouraged to be kind to each other. Colourful posters filled the halls and children were rewarded with Kindness hearts, certificates and smiley faces for their efforts. The whole school took part together in a loving kindness meditation, listened and danced to a kindness song on the intercom. Throughout the week the children took part in kindness activities with their classes and buddies like writing kind words in chalk, yoga and kindness confetti.

‘Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. It softens hearts and moulds relationships that can last a lifetime,’ quote by Joseph B. Wirthlin.

Amber Flag Webpage

Follow this link to the Amber Flag Webpage which has ideas on how to spread kindness everywhere you go!!! Enjoy more lovely photos of a very happy week.