3rd & 4th Class: Literacy

Suggestions to Reinforce Literacy Skills at Home

  • Encourage your child to talk about things that interest them.

  • Read and write in different genres (stories, poems, non-fiction) and give their thoughts and opinions on them.

  • Give them opportunities to take part in different types of writing (shopping list, email, diary, story, information).

  • Listening to your child read aloud and them listening to you modelling reading are still very important.

  • Reading a variety of books.

  • Joining the local library- the librarians are fantastic at giving book recommendations for your child’s level and interest

Spelling Tips:

Try the following strategies for learning spellings:

  1. Look, say, cover, write, check

  2. Build the word with magnetic letters

  3. Look for a word within a word- e.g. minute

  4. Make a silly sentence- e.g. I will eat a nut in a minute

Play words games:

  1. Verbal scrabble: Say a word and child has to say a word beginning with the letter the first word ended with, take turns. Words cannot repeat even if letters repeat.

  2. Describing/memory game (adjectives): Pick an object/subject from immediate environment for example; dog, house, car, motorbike, ice cream, beach…

Say one adjective and get the next person to add another describing word. For example: Small dog, white dog, spotty dog, dirty dog and so on….

You can increase the level of difficulty and get the next person to remember previous adjectives and add their own eg ‘the small, white, spotty, dirty dog.