5th & 6th Class: Literacy

Suggestions to Reinforce Literacy Skills at Home

  • Library Visits

Regular library visits are great for encouraging reading for enjoyment.

  • Summer Stars Reading Programme

Information on the Summer Stars reading programme for children can be found by following this link:


  • Other Useful Websites


borrowbox.com are also great reading resources

  • Family DEAR time

(Drop Everything And Read). How about 10 or 15 minutes a day of quiet reading time for everyone? If it happens around the same time every day, it soon becomes a powerful, positive routine.

  • Graphic Novels and Comics

Consider alternative forms of reading e.g., graphic novels or comics.

  • Audiobooks and eAudiobooks

These are great for vocabulary development. Your child could have the book and follow the text while listening.

  • Cosy Nook:

You might like to create a cosy area especially for reading.

  • Board-games

Scrabble, Boggle, Pictionary are a fun way to reinforce literacy skills.

  • Journaling:

Encourage your child to keep a Summer scrap-book or journal.

  • Writing Activities:

Fighting words has creative writing tips for young writers and also runs Summer workshops in creative writing.


The 100 Word Challenge is another excellent website for short snappy writing activities.


  • Co-Pilot:

Give your child the task of navigating/planning the route of a journey to practice their map-reading skills.

  • Pen Pals:

Your child might enjoy a pen-pal exchange with a friend or relative who lives at a distance.