3rd & 4th Class: Maths Skills

Suggestions to Reinforce Maths Skills at Home

  • Practising times tables and other number facts:





  • Practising mathematical concepts while shopping (creating a budget, keeping track of totals, rounding numbers to the nearest euro)

  • Using a calculator to check answers

  • Looking for shapes and measures in everyday life: what shape is that traffic sign? How many litres of petrol did I put in my car? Weighing and measuring when baking/cooking

  • Encouraging your child to collect, analyse and present data in natural ways - do surveys among friends/family members, record how much time they spend on a hobby for a week and plot it on a chart

  • Ask mental arithmetic questions for fun - in the car, sharing a meal, on a walk

  • Practise telling the time (analogue and digital) and ask time related questions - if it’s half past two now, what time will it be in 1 hour and twenty minutes? Wear a watch on daily basis to become more familiar with reading time and passing time.