Providing our children with opportunities to experience rich, varied and enjoyable approaches to Literacy is important to us here in St. Laurence’s. As a cornerstone of our curriculum, as well as explicit teaching, we aim to integrate playful and engaging Oral Language, Reading and Writing experiences into our everyday practice.  Have a look at some of our current initiatives outlined below.

The St. Laurence’s Scoop

In 2020, our school newspaper, ‘The St. Laurence’s Scoop’ was first published by our Newspaper Committee, which was formed of representatives from 5th and 6th class. All children across the school were invited to contribute in whatever way they wished. The result was a fantastic selection of poems, recipes, opinion pieces, fiction, instructions, exposés and art which epitomises the talent and creativity of our children. Have a look at our two editions to date below.

Edition 1

Edition 2

Reading with Dogs

In recent years we have been lucky enough to become involved with the Burns’ ‘Reading with Dogs’ project. A fully trained volunteer and their dog come into the school each week to read with a selection of our children. The project aims to promote enjoyment of reading and has been really lovely for all of those involved, due in no small part to our amazing volunteer Paula and her dog Molly. Both have a special way with all the children they encounter and Molly even has some special talents such as being able to choose books!

World Book Day

World Book Day is a charity initiative which aims to provide every child with a book of their own. In St. Laurence’s we encourage our children to engage with the magic of reading by dressing up and participating in fun activities for the day!

School Self-Evaluation: Oral Language

In 2018, St Laurence's N.S. undertook a School Self-Evaluation in the area of oral language. Please click on the link below for Parent Feedback for our School Self-Evaluation in Oral Language. 

Parent Feedback to School Self-Evaluation in Oral Language

Oral Language: Useful Links

If you would like to support your children further, some useful links to the different topic areas in both our oral language programmes can also be found below, for Rainbows (Infants) and The Five Components of Effective Oral Language Instruction (1st – 6th class)