Religious Education

Religious Education Programme

The Religious Education programme followed by all classes from Junior Infants to 6th class is the Grow in Love programme.

Sacramental Preparation

We prepare children for the sacraments of First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation. These are very special events in the children's lives. This year the sacramental services will be held in St. Anthony’s Church, Kilcoole on the following dates:

Prayer Services

Feast Days such as St. Bridget's Day and St. Patrick's Day together with other important dates in the church calendar such as Christmas, Lent and Easter are all celebrated through class-led prayer services during our whole school assemblies. 


Each month, led by Mrs. Martin over the school intercom, all classes practise a different prayer. All prayers can be found at the back of your child's Grow in Love book. A sample of these prayers can be found below:


School assemblies are organised based on the liturgical year or special days eg. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, May is the month of Mary. These assemblies take place monthly.  

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is celebrated every year. Grandparents are welcomed to the school on Grandparents Day and prayer and reflection form a central part of this celebration.