Return to School Declaration


I have no reason to believe that my child has an infectious disease and I have followed all medical and public health guidance with respect to exclusion of my child from educational facilities.

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There is now a requirement for a Return to School Declaration Form to be submitted, via Aladdin Connect, when a child returns to school after an absence of 24 hours.  This includes absence due to school closures but does NOT include weekends. 

The Declaration will become available for completion, on Aladdin Connect, after 3 pm on the day your child is marked absent.  For absences that last for two or more consecutive days, please complete only ONE Declaration, namely after 3 pm on the day before your child returns to school.  Where a child is absent on a Friday, the Declaration will become available at 3 pm on the following Sunday.

The Declaration can be found under “Attendance Notes” on your Aladdin Connect App or on the homepage of your Aladdin Connect account where you are using a desktop or laptop web browser.

If you are unable to access Aladdin Connect, please email the school office at and we will reset your account and forward a new link.