There are a number of co-operative partnerships that allow physical education to flourish at St Laurence's, one such partnership being our pupil Active School Committee who decided on our Active School Slogan:

Put in the grind, healthy body,

healthy mind!

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Active School Committee

The school works alongide the Wicklow Sports Partnership to find out about opportunities for young people of all abilities, and their families, and to encourage themto get active in their local community and find out about their schools'  physical activity programmes, teacher training, resource materials and local support.

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The school also works alongside numerous local sports clubs who have been very generous in allowing the school to use their facilities during Active School Week.

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Committee Members

2nd Class

Summer K, Alex H, Conor O'F,

Evan B

3rd Class

Sarah T, Alex W, Senan D,

Darragh I

4th Class

Laila-Jayne O'B, Laila C,

Oisín D, Oliver O'N

5th Class

Patrick O'B, Conor O'S, Liam I,

Jake J, Holly B, Seán G, Harry D

6th Class

Luca K, Sam B, Evan Q

Senior Pupils conducted "What Clubs Are You In?" survey to find out about the physical activity opportunities in the local community.