History of St. Laurence's

Seventies and Eighties


St. Laurence's National School was founded as the population of Greystones was growing. New estates such as Kindlestown, Applewood Heights, Rathdown Park, Hillside and Kenmare were being built at the time. The school was co-educational, and had 24 boys and 24 girls in its first year. Since then there has always been more boys than girls.

Teachers: 2

Pupils: 48


The school started in St. Kevin's School, as the present building was not built. The first two teachers were Mrs Coveney (who is still the principal) and Mrs O'Reilly. Mrs Maureen O'Reilly taught in St. Laurence's for 25 years. She was the deputy principal. She retired in 2002.


Teachers: 2

Pupils: 70


The school is split between 2 classrooms in St. Kevin's School and 2 classrooms in St. Killian's Hall. A letter is sent to the Dept. of Education requesting funds for the purchase of a tape recorder. The first sod is turned on the site where the present school is to be built. The first children made their First Holy Communion in Blacklion Church.


Teachers: 4

Pupils: 114


This was the first year that we moved to the present school building. The first classrooms to be used were the ones downstairs. The place was still a building site, and the teachers' carpark was used by the builders to store their supplies etc...


Teachers: 5

Pupils: 170


St. Laurence's said goodbye to its first group of school-leavers. The school was in those days from Junior Infants to 2nd Class. The boys went to the Christian Brothers, and the girls went to St. Brigid's. Mrs Mooney started teaching in the school. Mrs. Mooney is now the deputy principal of the school.


Teachers: 8

Pupils: 265


The staffroom was situated where room 21 is now. The library was where the present staffroom is now. Mrs Coveney left the classroom, becaming an Administrative Principal. Ms. Langan, Mrs. Fitzgerald and Ms. Duggan joined the staff. The school was set up with a shared area between 2 classrooms. This meant that there were two small base areas with a communal shared area.


Teachers: 12

Pupils: 348


A loan for £7,000 was taken out to pay for improvements to the garden at the front of the school. Ms. Hassett started teaching in the school. She recently won an award for contributing so much to the speaking of Irish in the school. The Christmas Bazaar starts and continues until 2005. This year it raised £400.


Teachers: 12

Pupils: 391


Con came to promote hurling when his son Cormac came to the school. He comes from Midleton, Co. Cork, and has been coaching here for 23 years continuously on a completely voluntary basis. Now he coaches 1st-4th class in hurling and football. When Con started here, Kenmare was just being built, and it was possible for him to come to the school across through Grattan Park.


Teachers: 14

Pupils: 458


We got our first Learning Support Teacher. She came to us two days a week and the other three days were spent in St. Brigid's National School. Fr. O'Toole became Chairperson of the Board of Management from 1985-1991. There was a formal Parents' Association formed, and we were one of the first schools to have one.


Teachers: 15

Pupils: 494


There were a lot of class plays going on in the school, both in Irish and English.<


Teachers: 16

Pupils: 522


The school got new floors in the hall. All of the classrooms were filled for the first time. Originally the school was built with 16 classrooms. We now had 4 classes each of Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class.


Teachers: 17

Pupils: 550


There were vinyl floors put down in Room 7, and shortly afterwards they were laid across the school. When Peter first came to St. Laurence's, he was assigned to take care of the maintenance of the school. At this time, there were 16 classrooms. There have been 7 new classrooms built since then.


Teachers: 16

Pupils: 551


This year, all the Junior Infants in the Parish are pupils in St. Laurence's. The school has always been involved in music. Over the years we have done very well performing in Slógadh, Feis Ceol, Kilcoole Feis, National Children's Choir, Christmas Carol Concerts, Confirmations, Communions and we have performed on Lyric FM.


Teachers: 17

Pupils: 567

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