Senior Infants: Literacy

Suggestions to Reinforce Literacy Skills at Home

  • Summer Stars Reading Programme:

Information on the Summer Stars reading programme for children can be found by following this link:

  • Partnered Reading Approach

Engage in shared reading aloud (child/adult) at the pupil's reading level (adult accentuates reading with expression and being mindful of reading rate as well.)

Guidelines for Parents:

1. Make sure the atmosphere is happy and relaxed.

2. Find a quiet place where there are no distractions.

3. Sit down together so that both can see the book.

4. Let the child hold the book or show you what to do.

5. Talk about the book and any illustrations first.

6. Talk about what has happened and what might happen next.

7. Smooth out any difficulties by reading any words your child doesn't know.

8. Talk about what you have read.

9. Give lots of praise for effort.

Follow this link for further guidelines from the National Educational Psychologists Service (NEPS) on Paired Reading at Home:

  • Praise

Praise your child when reading strategies for tackling unknown words are used – for example, “I like the way you tried to sound out that tricky/hard word” or “I like the way you looked at the picture for clues”

  • Reading to Siblings

Encourage your child to read familiar books aloud to younger/older siblings, other extended family members (about 5 mins)

  • Challenging Books

The parent/guardian or adult in the child’s life can also reads more challenging books to child. Provide opportunities to further extend pupil’s range of vocabulary and develop listening skills.

  • Audio Books and eAudio Books – Borrow Box

We would recommend the use of eAudiobooks/eBooks

  • Revise the Dolch words

  • Start at List 1

  • Play games such as Memory or Snap to reinforce

  • Other useful websites to reinforce various literacy skills (activities and reading bars (Levels 1-4) – Learn to Read