Following consultation with parents some years ago, a school uniform was chosen for pupils. In the interest of the overall appearance of the children, individually and collectively, all pupils are requested to wear the school uniform;

For Girls:

petrol blue crested jumper, white Peter Pan blouse, school kilt, grey/white socks/tights, shoes.

For Boys:

petrol blue crested jumper, white shirt, school tie, grey trousers, shoes.

On PE days, Girls/Boys:

crested tracksuit worn with white polo T-shirt, trainers/runners.

Junior/Senior Infants:

may chose to wear the school tracksuit (with white polo/T-shirt) every day.

School shorts, with white polo tee shirt may be worn in warm weather.

Soft shoes must be worn during PE indoors.

All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

School uniform items are available from The Schoolwear House, Tesco Shopping Centre, Greystones.

Tracksuit Top.jpg
Tracksuit Bottoms.jpg